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ADHD is the most common disorder in childhood. Every child attending a consult due to suspected mental health problems should be evaluated for possible ADHD. At the very least, to assess this possibility, a clinical interview with the parents must done where they assess the symptoms of ADHD, the presence or absence of other psychiatric disorders and / or other medical conditions, providing the observation of the child, and collect information about the child’s functioning at school (independently done or through the parents).

Sometimes additional tests need to be done, such as psychological tests and neurological tests (EEG, ultra sound, etc).Everything necessary should be done to:

  • Detect the main symptoms of ADHD (inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity).
  • check the duration, continuity, its ubiquity and its impact on the functioning of the child
  • Compare these symptoms with the normal evolutionary behavior of other children with similar levels of development
  • Differentiate these disorders from other mental problems
  • Consider whether it is possible that another physical disorder may be causing symptoms

Unfortunately, there is no objective evidence (analysis, x-ray, CAT scan, etc..), that could provide a diagnosis.

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