Goals of the Association

Raising awareness of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder as an actual, physical problem that some people have, which hinders their personal development en route to becoming happy, productive and adapted adults.

Education of the population (especially geared towards parents, therapists and teachers) regarding the detection and early treatment of hyperactive children. Support for a true educational diversity at schools, customised to each child. Support for an educational attitude stressing skills rather than difficulties.

Study of all the possible aids, both medical and psychological, educational, concerning healthy life habits, leisure, sport and artistic abilities that may help individuals in their development.

Study of the important factors in the emotional development of an individual starting before their birth. Thorough examination of aspects of parents personalities, their attitudes, ideas and approach towards pregnancy and childbirth, which may have an influence on the establishing of secure bonds with their children as a fundamental basis for a healthy development.

Raising awareness about all the relevant factors in an individuals development, in order to try to achieve enhanced conditions for pregnancy and childbirth, encouraging responsible and conscientious reproduction that will enhance the early conditions that a newborn baby will encounter in its development.

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